Sloping Floor in Connecticut Home?

Older Homes Often Have Sloping Floors

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Many older homes in Connecticut have issues with sloping and sagging floors. In some cases, the owners of these homes put the problem off as a normal part of having a classic house. Although a sloping floor may add character to an older home, the underlying issues that caused it may be a sign of bigger problems.

Causes of Sloping or Sagging Floors

For older homes in Connecticut, the usual cause of sloping and sagging floors is a problem with uneven foundation settlement. Settling occurs when the underlying soil shifts or compacts due to changes in the moisture content of the soil. If your home has floors that sag or slope, it's a good idea to have a professional builder or foundation repair specialist like Residential ResQ evaluate the problem to determine what is causing it.

If the problem is due to something other than a foundation issue, you may want to contact a structural engineer. He or she will determine whether there is a problem with the structural integrity of the home and whether or not the floor itself or an underlying problem should be repaired. Then he or she will be able to recommend the type of specialist you should contact, whether a flooring specialist, carpenter, or general contractor for larger home rebuilding projects. In some cases, you may need to call more than one specialist to fix the problem.

Repairing a Sloping or Sagging Floor

Sloping and sagging floors caused by foundation problems are common but not easy to repair. Generally a foundation specialist will repair any structural problems first and then fix the sloping floor. There are two primary approaches to repairing the structure. The first one involves jacking up the floor joists and installing supports. At Residential ResQ we repair out-of-level floors by using jack posts. Jack posts are designed to provide long lasting strength to sloping floors above your basement or crawlspace. These posts are adjustable support columns that can hold up to 60,000 pounds.

If the problem is due to a sinking and settling foundation beneath the home, this may require jacking up the entire house and rebuilding the foundation footers. There are several methods for doing this, including using post and beam foundation repair. Because the floors probably sagged slowly over time, in order to avoid structural damage, jacking up an older home should be done gradually over a period of several weeks.

When a sloping floor is simply due to improper installation, the floor specialist may be able to pull up the floor and reinstall it properly or install an entirely different floor. Often the problem is with a sub-floor that has deteriorated due to moisture or been damaged due to too much weight. This is particularly true in older homes where the sub-floor may need to be rebuilt or reinforced to handle the weight of heavier flooring materials.

Residential ResQ Repairs Sagging Floors

Residential ResQ specializes in repairing and restoring Connecticut homes by offering expert services in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawlspace repair, and installing egress windows and wells.

If you suspect your sagging floor may be due to a foundation problem, Residential ResQ can repair and restore your home. We use only the highest-quality, American-made products from Earth Contact Products (ECP). Whether you have sagging floors in only one spot, such as over the crawl space, or throughout the entire home, Residential ResQ is prepared to lift and support them so they will be level for years to come. This will also eliminate safety hazards, strengthen your home's structural integrity, and maximize its property value. Contact us today!