Battery Backup Sump Pumps

One important item that is often overlooked by homeowners is a battery backup sump pump. Residential ResQ is proud to use Pro Series battery backup pumps, supplied by Earth Contact Products. Made in the USA, the PHCC Pro Series backup sump pump protects against power outages and float switch or primary pump failure.

Stop Flooding With A Backup Sump Pump

A lot can happen during a storm: heavy rain, high winds...and a power outage. In the middle of a torrential downpour is not a good time for you to lose your sump pump. All PHCC Pro Series backup sump pumps monitor battery and pump conditions and monitor battery fluid level. They come standard with dual float switches and the ability to use wet cell or maintenance-free batteries.

Depending on the size of pump you require, they will pump between 1000-2400 gallons per hour. The pump will automatically switch to battery power when the AC power fails. It will also automatically pump if the water volume exceeds the capacity of the primary pump, protecting your home.

battery backup sump pump ECP

Having a battery backup sump pump is always a good investment and will pay for itself the first time your power goes out during a rainstorm. Residential ResQ will make sure you have the right pump for your needs and that it is installed correctly.

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