Crawlspace Foundation Repair

Crawlspace Foundation Repair in Connecticut

It is estimated that 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace. This air can contain mold, dust mites, and other dangerous allergens. The experts at Residential ResQ can repair your crawlspace and give you a healthier and more comfortable home.

Some signs that your crawlspace is in need of repair are things like mold on your baseboards and condensation on your windows. Other signs are rotting wood and sagging floors. If you see these indications or suspect your crawlspace is in need of repair, give us a call immediately to schedule a free inspection.

Common Crawlspace Problems

There are several causes for problems in your crawlspace. Heavy rains can over-saturate the soil, causing water to enter your crawlspace. Too much water can push against the walls, cracking or bowing them. Trees can grow too close to your home, the trunk or roots can compromise your foundation and a dead tree can decompose, causing gaps in the soil. These voids can cause your crawlspace to lose its support. Other causes may be your home settling. Sometimes this is just natural, but other times, things can accelerate the settling or it may happen unevenly.

It is important to deal with crawlspace repairs as soon as possible. Small problems can become big problems and big problems can be catastrophic. Contact Residential ResQ today and let our experts inspect your crawlspace and work with you on implementing the best solution for your situation.