Crawlspace Mold & Mildew

It is not uncommon for crawlspaces to be wet and damp, especially in Connecticut and other coastal areas. Due to high water tables, poor drainage, plumbing leaks, soil erosion, or humidity – your crawlspace may experience high moisture levels as well.

Having a damp crawlspace may not have ever bothered you in the past. After all, who spends any time down there? However, crawlspaces are more important than you may think. About 40-50% of the air we breathe inside our homes comes directly from our crawlspace, so whatever is in that air eventually flows up into our main living areas.

Where the Moisture is, the Mold is there too

If you have a crawlspace with high moisture levels, chances are, mold and mildew will begin to grow. These allergens will move up into the living spaces of your home and can cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. Not only is mold a dangerous hazard to the health of your family, but it can also deteriorate the structural integrity of your home.

Crawlspace Repair Solutions

That being said, it is important to keep your home safe and dry, completely sealed from moisture. Residential ResQ offers crawlspace encapsulation services to do just that. We can clean out your moldy crawlspace and install our high tensile moisture barrier that will protect your crawlspace from water seepage, mold and mildew, radon, insects, and any other intruders that should not be there.

foundation damage, foundation repair

If your crawlspace has weakening floor joists from mold deterioration, we can install Jack Posts to raise and level your sagging floors. These posts will permanently stabilize your crawlspace and keep your home structurally sound. We also offer crawlspace dehumidification services to get rid of the high humidity in your crawlspace.

Residential ResQ is here to answer any questions that you have about your crawlspace. Give us a call today to learn more. You can fill out the form on the right or contact us directly to receive a free quote.