If you've got poor drainage in your yard, you need to address it before it leads to problems with a wet basement or foundation. It is most important to keep water away from the foundation where it is most likely to cause damage. The experts at Residential ResQ offer cost-effective solutions for preventing potential water damage due to surface drainage problems. These involve collecting water through a system of gutter and downspouts and redirecting both surface and subsurface water away from the foundation.

Residential ResQ provides drainage solutions with products manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of basement waterproofing and foundation repair products in the industry.

Surface Drainage Solutions in Connecticut

Products used for surface drainage include:

  • Grates and catch basins
  • Standard drains
  • Channel drains and trenches
  • Water discharge emitters

The ECP catch basins are designed as a collection point for water runoff and protect your property from excessive rainwater. The grates filter out sticks, leaves and other debris that can clog drain pipes.

ECP channel drains and trenches eliminate the need for grading a deck surface to a low area. By sloping the grade in one direction, the channel drain catches excess water at the lower end of the slope. The channel drain provides more open surface for water collection than conventional area grates.

The ECP pop-up emitters provide a cost-effective way to redirect downspout and sump pump discharge away from the foundation. They are designed to rise above ground level while water is present and retract for mowing. Use of pop-up emitters is a simple way to reduce the buildup of hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls caused by excessive water in the soil.

Preventing water from collecting around your foundation and yard is important. Let the professionals at Residential ResQ install a water drainage system that will prevent future foundation problems and wet basement problems which can be costly. Anywhere in Connecticut, we will be glad to offer a free inspection of your home in order to recommend the best solutions for your drainage needs.

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