Interior Structural Repair

When people think of foundation damage, they usually think of outside walls or basement walls. A weakened foundation can affect other parts of your home.

You may notice strange things going on in your home, such as sagging floors or doors that don't open or close smoothly. There is a cheap and easy way to find out if you have a sagging floor. Set a golf ball or other heavy smooth ball on the floor, it will roll to the low spot in the floor. The experts at Residential ResQ can inspect your home and decide the best way to fix the situation.

Repairing a sagging floor isn't a job for your average homeowner. It's a dangerous undertaking and you need professional-grade jack posts from Earth Contact Products (ECP), the ones you find at your local DIY store won't last.

The jack posts that are made by ECP give you the following qualities:

  • Permanent fix
  • Lifts, stabilizes and supports sagging floors
  • Affordable
  • Quickly installed
  • Corrosion resistant

To learn more about these and other quality ECP products, contact us today at Residential ResQ.

Residential ResQ can also help you with deteriorating walls. We can inspect your home for free and work with you on the best solution. We can use wall plate anchors to strengthen the foundation and shore up damaged walls. We also can make a new wall by pouring a new concrete wall against the failing stone wall. We want your home to be safe and stable and give you the peace of mind of having a home that is secure.

Our experts can also remove and replace existing beams with brand new ones. This may be an option if your current beams are beyond repair, or if fixing them would only last temporarily.

Residential ResQ specializes in timber framing and post and beam repair. Timber framing utilizes heavy, squared off timbers. This method has been around for thousands of years and has proven to be able to bear heavy weight without sacrificing interior space.

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to work with you on bringing the structure and value back to your home. Contact us today and see how we can help you and your home.