Wet Crawlspace

Are the floor joists in your crawlspace rotten? Do you notice a musty smell throughout your home? If you answered yes, then you may have a wet crawlspace. Since crawlspaces are small areas of the home, they are often overlooked. Most homeowners don't even realize they have water damage until they are faced with major foundation problems, such as sagging floors, bowing/leaning walls, foundation cracks, and foundation settlement. In fact, wet crawlspaces are one of the main reasons why homeowners encounter foundation failure. They affect the air quality of your home, cause wood rot, and promote mold growth. If you have a wet crawlspace, the experts at Residential ResQ can find out where the water is coming from and eliminate the problem for good.

So where is the moisture coming from? The most common sources include:

  • Standing Water: Poor drainage, broken pipes, and plumbing leaks are culprits for standing water. You need to get these problems fix immediately to prevent water damage.
  • Improper Yard Slope: If the yard slopes toward the house, water can accumulate up the foundation wall. Hydrostatic pressure builds up against the wall, causing cracks and water seepage in the crawlspace.
  • Moisture Evaporating from the Soil: Crawlspaces without a vapor barrier allows moisture to evaporate from the soil and foundation walls.
  • Missing or Defective Gutters and Downspouts: Proper gutters and downspouts are designed to collect rainwater and direct it away from the crawlspace. Without them, water can accumulate around the home.
  • Wall or Foundation Cracks: Even the tiniest crack can lead to a big water disaster, so make sure you get them repaired to prevent water seepage.

What can you do to eliminate a wet crawlspace?

If you have a wet crawlspace, we recommend the following crawlspace methods:

Crawlspace Encapsulation

This system consists of a vapor barrier that guards the crawlspace against mold, radon, and moisture.
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Our Santa Fe Dehumidifiers reduce moisture levels and improve the air quality of your home.
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Jack Posts

Jack posts are designed to support sagging and sloping floors above the crawlspace and basement.
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