Basement Crack Repair from Residential ResQ

Basement crack repair is essential to keeping your house safe, secure, and efficient. When concrete cracks, a basement wall tear can allow water to seep in and flood your basement if left unrepaired. This water can also lead to mold and mildew growing in a damp basement, leading to an unsanitary living environment. A basement wall repair company can not only fix cracks, but they can waterproof your basement and prevent future problems.

Basement foundations are typically reinforced with concrete. Unfortunately, concrete begins to crack after years of wear and tear. It is then necessary to find a basement wall repair solution. The problem is that repairing damaged foundation walls can be difficult when you don’t know what you’re doing.

If your basement wall repair includes minor cracks or holes, then you will need to seek help from a qualified foundation repair contractor. Foundation cracking can occur for a variety of reasons. You may have an old building that has been damaged by storms and water leakage.

Or, your home is old, and natural shifting or wear and tear has eventually taken a toll. No matter what the cause of the cracks, you will likely find that a qualified professional will be able to help.

Some other forms of basement wall repair include steel beams and wood structure support systems. Wood structure support systems are often utilized when there is a need to repair a deteriorating foundation wall. However, not all wood beams are created equally. If your building is leaning, you may want to consider steel beams to provide extra strength and stability.

Foundation damage can occur for a number of reasons. For instance, if there has been heavy rain recently and the ground is saturated, then foundation damage may occur around the exterior of your building. Sump pump repairs may also be required in instances where the basement walls have suffered water damage. These repairs can be quite expensive, but are often necessary to ensure safety and reliability of your dwelling.

One common pair that we frequently see is the addition of a sump pump when you need basement crack repair. One of the leading causes of foundation cracks is water damage, and sump pumps are an amazing solution to this problem.

Our Pro Series Sump Pumps are designed to not only prevent water damage, but to save energy. This pump’s bell design lowers the amount of cycles by 40%, which also minimizes noise and seals out excess moisture and soil gasses. Even though it saves energy, our sump pumps still pump up to three times more water than other pumps on the market today.

Regardless of whether or not foundation cracks or sump pump repairs are needed, it is important that you understand the relationship between the two. Without proper basement wall construction, basement walls become susceptible to pressures caused by soils underneath them. In addition, excess moisture in the soil above the basement walls can weaken the foundation over time.

Without repairs or upgrades, the soils can erode, which can result in foundation cracking, movement, and water damage. These conditions make it necessary to address basement wall cracks sooner rather than later.

As you can see, basement walls can experience both vertical and horizontal cracks. For example, horizontal cracks are usually seen when a foundation wall experiences differential pressure from adjacent walls. Vertical cracks are usually seen when the interior wall or floor slab moves towards the exterior.

However, the condition of the soil above the foundation can also play a major role in the severity of a basement wall cracking. For this reason, it is important that you regularly assess the condition of your foundation and make necessary structural upgrades or repairs as soon as possible.

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