Bowing & Leaning Walls

A bowing or leaning wall is a serious problem and needs to be repaired quickly. Usually, by the time a bowed wall becomes noticeable, a lot of damage has occurred behind it. The most common cause of a bowing or leaning wall is hydrostatic pressure. This happens when water pressure on one side of the wall pushes against it, moving it out of place. Soil expanding or contracting can cause bowed walls, also. A bowed wall is a serious situation, but there are several solutions, depending on the situation. The experts at Residential ResQ will inspect your home for free and work with you on the best approach to returning your home's integrity.

Bowing Wall Repair Solutions from Residential ResQ

Plate Anchors

Plate anchors are one of the most common ways of repairing a bowed wall. A steel plate is attached to the interior wall and a steel tube connected to it. This tube will be attached to an exterior anchor that is driven into the soil. The anchor is tightened over time and the wall will be pulled back to its original position. Most plate anchor installations are quickly done and can be performed any time of the year.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Repairs in Connecticut

Another method of reinforcing a bowed wall is through the use of carbon fiber fabric. An epoxy is applied to the wall and carbon fiber strips are installed, linking the foundation base to the house frame. This method is quickly done and is relatively inexpensive. This application isn't right for every situation, but our foundation specialists will make sure the right option is used.