Sump Pumps & Sump Pits

Having the right size sump pump and pit are very important and Residential ResQ uses Pro Series sump pumps from Earth Contact Products. These sump pumps are made in the USA. We offer a number of different sump pumps to suit your needs, from crawlspace sump pump systems to larger battery backup sump pumps for large basements.

Industry Leading Sump Pumps Made in the USA

Pro Series Sump Pumps can save you on energy costs. They keep ground water out of your home protecting your home from mold and mildew. Pro Series pumps have an industry leading warranty as well.

ECP Pro Series offers a sealed sump basin. This design is energy saving. There is a clear lid so you can easily see what the inner workings of the system. The bell design means 40% fewer pump cycles. The basin design minimizes noise and seals out soil gasses and excess moisture. This means a healthier basement or crawlspace.

The ECP Pro Series Pumps that we have available pumps up to three times more water and uses about half the electricity of other pumps on the market today. There is a dual pump switch to protect from flooding. You won't find a better capacity pump available in the industry today.

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