Concrete Crack Repair

Residential ResQ uses Rhino Carbon Fiber™ Reinforcement Products for our concrete crack repair. All Concrete Crack Locks ® have a high tensile strength since they are made from carbon fiber, and there is minimal surface disruption required for the installation due to their thin profile. When installed and finished with a protective coating, there is little to no evidence of the installation.

Benefits of Concrete Crack Repair from Residential ResQ

Our Concrete Crack Repair boasts the following features:

  • Restores the Strength of Concrete Slabs
  • Lightweight & 10X Stronger than Steel
  • Engineered, tested and quality controlled to meet and exceed each project's technical requirements
  • Longest Warranty in the Industry (2-25 years, depending on the solution used)
  • Available in a variety of weave orientations, weights, and widths
  • Moisture tolerant when applied, waterproof when cured
  • Rapid-cure, low-odor formula
  • Non-Corrosive and Solvent-free
  • Grey concrete color which is easily painted
  • Cost-effective, clean, and fast installation with minimal footprint

We provide the perfect solution for concrete crack repair and structural strengthening for your home. Contact the team at Residential ResQ for a free quote on concrete crack repair for your Connecticut home.