Carbon Fiber

There are some advantages to using carbon fiber for your foundation repair needs. Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports link the foundation base with the house frame. This is the strongest carbon fiber system on the market. There is no digging involved and is a lot cleaner than other methods. Carbon Fiber can be used in place of tiebacks and is quickly completed.

An expert installer from Residential ResQ will use a galvanized sill plate along with a pin anchored into the footer. By attaching the carbon fiber to the footer and sill plate, the stress on the foundation is evenly distributed. If you were to only apply the carbon fiber to the area that is bowing, the stress would just move to another section of the wall.

Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon Fiber Installation

  • Prepare the foundation wall-remove all paint and caulk
  • Mark and drill holes in the sill plate for the tie
  • Attach sill plate tie to carbon fiber strip
  • Mount sill plate tie in pre-marked location
  • Epoxy carbon fiber strip to wall
  • Anchor carbon fiber pin to footer and epoxy in place

Carbon Fiber Bowing Wall Repair

Rhino Carbon Fiber Repairs in Connecticut

Carbon Fiber Bowing Wall Repair

Carbon Fiber Corner Repair

Contact our knowledgeable team of experts at Residential ResQ today to learn if carbon fiber is the solution for your home's situation. One of our professional inspectors will come out to your property and work with you on the best solution for your foundation repair needs.