Basement Foundation Repair

Basement Foundation Repair in Connecticut

A basement foundation is a type of foundation that is built below ground level. Most foundations are sunk into the ground, but what distinguishes a basement foundation from other types of foundations is that it is deep enough to provide space for a living area. If you have a basement, your basement foundation walls are most likely made from cinder block, stone, brick, or poured concrete. Each of these materials can cause potential problems. Your basement may be susceptible to excess moisture, bowing walls, cracks, and other damages.

Most basement damage is caused by water problems. If you have poor drainage or too much soil around your home, you may have experienced a wet basement. Water can seep into your home if you have overflowing gutters, short downspouts, or over saturated soil that creates pressure around your basement foundation walls. The best way to keep your home safe and dry is to keep moisture away from it. An exterior drainage system will help you do this.

Common Basement Foundation Problems

If you have already experienced the damages of a wet basement, you may be in need of foundation repair. Here are some common problems that we find with basement foundations:

  • Cracked brick foundations
  • Leaning concrete basement walls
  • Mold growth from water seepage
  • Wet carpet in finished basements
  • Musty odors and dampness

Basement Foundation Repair

Have you experienced any of these issues? If so, it's time to call Residential ResQ. Through the use of plate anchors and carbon fiber fabric, Residential ResQ can repair bowing or leaning basement walls. We’ll straighten the wall and reinforce it, making sure your wall is stronger than ever. We can restore your basement no matter what type of damage you are experiencing. Our experts will inspect your basement and foundation and apply the best solution according to your circumstances. Give us a call today to get started with your free estimate.