Do You Have Foundation Cracks That Need to be Repaired?

At Residential ResQ, we are known for correcting foundation problems. Since we specialize in foundation repairs, our team of specialists offer the best foundation cracks repair service in Connecticut and all surrounding areas. We will get to the heart of the problem, then expertly repair your foundation using technologically advanced techniques as well as tried and true methods.

Approximately 98% of homes have foundations made of concrete, stone, or brick, which are prone to cracking from excessive movement or stress. It is possible for foundations to crack for a variety of reasons, including unstable soils, poor drainage, and settling. There are cracks which point to serious structural problems, and others which are insignificant.

The presence of cracks in a foundation can lead to other structural problems with the house, such as framing problems, roof issues, problems with doors and windows, and leaks in basement walls. You should be on the lookout for crack patterns and movement patterns around the house, which can offer some insight into what may be causing your foundation cracks.

As all homeowners know, Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Tree roots, settlement, and expansive soils can all cause foundation cracks. It’s possible for a foundation to develop cracks as a result of frost heaving, ice lenses, earthquakes, sinkholes, landslides, and slope creep. Geotechnical issues can be frustrating to deal with, but drainage issues are easy to correct.

If weather is not the cause of your foundation cracks, human error and poor quality construction materials likely are. Foundation cracks can be caused by improper engineering, the addition of a second story, and a lack of quality reinforcing bars. Poor drainage and plumbing leaks lead to standing water in your yard and saturated soil. Often, homes lack ideal drainage, and improper landscaping may be damaging the foundation. 

We recommend doing your own quick inspection before calling us for a free quote. The more information you can offer us, the more accurate our estimate will be. Your pre-investigation helps us dive right into the problem. Of course, we will thoroughly diagnose the problems in your foundation once we do our initial inspection, but your input gives us a head start.

Quick List to Help You Understand Why You Have Foundation Cracks:

  • Verify that yard drains are flowing freely and are not clogged to avoid soil saturation 
  • Make sure gutters are intact and in good working order so rainwater flows away from the house properly
  • The soil walks and patio should slope away from your house in order to prevent water from pooling near the foundation

The foundation may have visible cracks in it, which are indicative of a structural problem. Cracks in your houses foundation that go unnoticed or ignored can lead to a more serious and more expensive problem. At Residential ResQ, we can inspect, diagnose, and repair your home’s foundation cracks. Our team of qualified foundation repair specialists will expertly repair your foundation with high-quality tools and construction materials to ensure your home is strong and secure.

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