Four Reasons to Seek Out Basement Waterproofing

As one of the most experienced basement waterproofing companies in the area, Residential ResQ has spent the last few years working hard to ensure our methods and equipment are up to date with modern waterproofing techniques. While we’ve talked about basement waterproofing before in our blogs, it’s important to describe the main benefits to this procedure. Heads up, this isn’t just some project you need to be in compliance with your town’s building codes, and it isn’t a DIY job for new homeowners.

What Can Basement Waterproofing Help With?

Flood Protection

The most obvious benefit of basement waterproofing is the protection you’ll have against flooding. Connecticut is lucky to experience the joys of all four seasons, but it also means we experience the lows as well. Brutal thunderstorms or blizzards can leave your home vulnerable for structural damage if water seeps in through the cracks. Installing a sump pump or drainage system is perfect to divert groundwater from negatively affecting your home.

Energy Bills

Water and heat means humidity, and if your house is humid, your energy bill can skyrocket. Studies from the US Department of Energy show that your bill can rise up from 10% to 15% as your HVAC system works overtime. With the cost of our basement waterproofing services, you’ll be happy with your investment in the coming years.

Structural Damage

Preventing structural damage is the number one concern of most basement waterproofing companies. Water damage can negatively affect joints and edges where you flooring meets your walls. These are some of the most important parts of your home’s structural integrity, and damage here can have lasting effects. Most of this happens out of sight, but trained professionals can detect this issue.

Insurance Claims

With a safer home comes a lower risk of insurance claims, with water damage making up about one fifth of all insurance claims by homeowners. Damage to wood, drywall, and other materials will drive up the price. When homeowners think of insurance claims, their initial thoughts are with severe storms, however gradual and slow water damage can also pose a huge issue.

All in All

Waterproofing a basement isn’t as simple as just pouring in concrete. In order to have your basement fully waterproofed, there are several issues that need to be addressed. The most important issue is making sure that your basement has no leaks anywhere near the foundation. Leaks can cause significant problems with your basement’s waterproofing system, so it’s very important to make sure there aren’t any.

If you think you’re eligible for basement waterproofing services, take a look around your foundation first. If you do discover leaks or other areas where water can get into your foundation, be sure to contact a licensed professional immediately. The cost of fixing leaks can quickly add up if they’re ignored. You don’t want to risk damaging your home or your health by attempting to remedy the problem yourself.

Many people don’t realize the benefits of waterproofing their basements. It can mean saving money on repairs, preventing mold from growing, preventing injury, and extending the life of your home. For more information on our basement waterproofing services, visit us here. You can also call us with any questions at 844-201-4166.