How to Spot Foundation Damage: When to Seek Out Foundation Repair

Exterior signs of possible foundation damage come in many forms, and finding the right foundation repair company quickly is essential. The major causes of foundation problems include: water infiltration, leaky pipes, inadequate soil drainage, or faulty construction. When you have seen the signs of foundation problems in your residence, your first step should be to contact a professional for an inspection of your home.

If foundation repairs have not been conducted, your first line of defense should be to contact a home inspector to help you identify the problem areas in your residence. When your home is up for foundation repair, your goal should be to get rid of existing water damage and to repair structural issues for other areas that may be causing foundation related problems. A qualified foundation professional will work closely with you on identifying the problems so that they can be corrected or repaired before they become a bigger concern.

One of the worst signs of potential foundation water-soaking is dampness under your wood trim and carpet. Dampness is often caused by a lack of basement waterproofing, especially where the walls connect to the foundation. If you notice wet floors around your perimeter and basement, there may be a problem with your walls or the foundation itself. A good foundation professional will inspect the foundation and help you determine what the likely culprit is.

A minor sign to indicate the need for foundation repair are uneven door frames or floors. We say minor because of how infrequent this occurs. A noticeable shift in your door frame suggests a sagging or uneven foundation, most likely due to water damage.

There are also several other signs of possible foundation damage that can affect your home. A cracked or broken floor is one of the most obvious warning signs of possible foundation problems. This is especially true if the floor is made up of concrete and if the subfloor is damp and moist. Other signs of foundation problems include uneven flooring, holes in the basement or walls, mold and mildew growth, or water damage in your basement.

Making sure your basement is waterproofed is step one to ensure you don’t need any future foundation repair. Most damage to your concrete foundation occurs because of a damp basement, which is in turn due to some of the many reasons we listed above. When buying a new home, being informed about when your basement was waterproofed or when your foundation last repaired is crucial.

If you suspect your foundation is in danger, look around for some of these tell-tale signs. If you notice any obvious cracks or faults in the concrete that makes up your foundation, give us a call at 844-201-4166.