Keep Your House Foundation Strong and Resistant to Weather

A perfect house foundation should be capable of three main things: supporting the home, controlling how much water is in the soil, and providing proper drainage. If any of those are insufficient, your foundation can begin to falter. The longer it continues to crumble, the more damage will be inflicted.

At Residential ResQ, we offer exceptional services to help repair your foundation so your home can remain structured and secure. The two foundation repairs we offer are slab and post and beam. Most homes in Connecticut suffer from extreme weather changes, from super dry seasons to extreme wet seasons. Because of that, the soil underneath your home consistently expands and retracts, creating cracks in the foundation. 

Well, how can you tell if you need a slab foundation repair? If you notice any of these issues, it likely points to a foundation issue: sticking windows or doors, cracks in the floors or ceilings, leaning chimneys, and sloping floors. How can a slab repair help an entire house foundation? Utilizing slab piers allows us to fix the structure of your home while simultaneously being able to withstand the force of the pier pipe that’s stuck in the soil. At Residential ResQ, we install them inside the structure by drilling an eight-inch hole. After the piers are properly placed: we distribute the slab uniformly. Not only will this save time and money, but it will also ensure that your house stays above the soil.

A post and beam repair is used on smaller buildings with a lower chance of being impacted by weather. Because soil retracts and expands continuously, the posts and beams can shift, which in turn causes the house foundation to become weak. If needed, we can install a proper drainage system to shield water from seeping into the ground. In addition, here at Residential ResQ, we can add new piers to help strengthen the foundation. 

Improper drainage can lead to a series of problems, especially with your foundation. Our engineers can successfully map out a plan to ensure that excess water will be collected and redirected away from the foundation. Some products used for proper surface drainage include Grates, catch basins, standard drains, channel drains, and water discharge emitters. 

Each option has a different solution that is designed exclusively for your home. Catch basins collect runoff water to block any excess from getting into the soil. Channel drains allow more efficient drainage by catching more excess water at the end of a sloping grade than a conventional grate. Discharge emitters are a perfect way to redirect downspout away from your foundation. 

At Residential ResQ, we want you to be safe and sound inside your home. We will gladly do an on-site evaluation of your home to come up with the best possible plan to keep your foundation ready to handle anything. If you experience any of the following: sloping floors, leaning chimneys, sticking doors or windows, and cracks in the ceilings or walls, please call us today at (844) 201-4166 or head to our website for more information!