SOS! Your Basement is Drowning! How to Waterproof it

If you’ve owned a home in the Northeast for long enough, you’ll know that we experience the full force of all 4 seasons. This can bring great memories and great living conditions, but the elements can wear away at your home. Excess water in your basement can lead to foundation damage down the road, which can be a hassle with anyone besides Residential ResQ. Today, we’re here to help you identify signs that you need basement waterproofing, or your foundation needs repair.


One of the biggest causes of foundation damage is a wet basement. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, and it’s important to look for them. They include:
-Excess water in your lawn
-Plumbing leaks or leaking pipes
-Poor drainage or a malfunctioning pump
-No gutter extensions
One of the most common ways to handle a wet basement is surface drainage. This usually means digging trenches to move the water away from your home, and a basin or collection system will be put in place.


If you see or smell excess mold or mildew in your basement, there’s a good chance you have a leak. This stuff not only looks bad, but can be harmful to your loved ones. Mold and mildew can produce allergens and unclean air that your family will breathe. Taking care of this excess water with basement waterproofing is the best way to solve this problem.


You won’t hear this crack, but if you keep your eyes open you’ll see it. Cracks in your basement walls or foundation are the biggest warning sign of foundation issues. Residential ResQ is equipped to repair these with epoxy or carbon fiber fillings, and will then provide basement waterproofing to ensure no moisture can seep through anywhere else.


Identifying the problems with your foundation is the first step. Unfortunately, foundation repair and basement waterproofing is not a do-it-yourself job. Trained and licensed professionals are needed to solve your problems. Luckily, Residential ResQ is a licensed home improvement contractor, and has served the Northeast for years. We’re an industry leader in foundation repair, crawl space restoration work, and especially basement waterproofing. Our company is backed by a nationally recognized manufacturer, Earth Contact Products, who make the finest tools and equipment that we use to keep your home safe and sound. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate when you call us at 844-201-4166 today!

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